Information Technologies Integration Projects

Integration projects require experience, trust, and dynamic working. Even minor errors in such projects pose a great threat to or physically damage the system, and may make the entire system inoperable. Being aware of this, TaBa takes customer satisfaction as a mission by carefully and devotedly implementing the projects.

The number of technology options, platforms and applications in today’s business world is increasingly growing therefore it becomes difficult for organization to shape information technologies by corporate objectives and needs. This is where TaBa steps in to offer best practices and integration solutions based on experience and expertise in available multiple platforms and hardware.

Our services for design and installation of a system room involve works to design and install “System Rooms” of world standards for our customers. System rooms to be created in line with requirements of our customers will be equipped with the latest technologies and features. Our services include installation of cabinets, elevated ground, grounding, power and connection cables, UTP and fiber termination, documentation, labeling, patch cords compatible with our system standards, uninterrupted power supply and generator support, air conditioning system for cooling, IP cameras, physically and technologically complete protection (face, hand, finger recognition), fie detection and alarm sensors, sensors to flooding, installation of SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy); we test all these installations as a final check to deliver “turn-key” system rooms.

TaBa manages the entire process from base stations to power plants including software and hardware components to form GSM infrastructure of a particular area or a city, and software supply, installation and technical services after designing 3G infrastructure in order to offer the best and perfect solution in terms of efficient costs and best performance.

In today’s conditions, the buildings need to keep up with the latest technologies. TaBa enables a building to manage itself in terms of software and hardware. TaBa installs systems for you to instantly monitor temperature, moisture, pressure values of all rooms in a building, in part or in whole, via necessary sensors and cameras. Even if you are outside the company or factory, such parameters are constantly monitored and transferred to a mobile phone at request to inform you instantly. In case of any adverse incidents, the relevant units are immediately informed; the incident can be handled by system technical infrastructure without any human effect, and optimum parameters can be achieved.

If you wish to enter Call Center industry and have a Call Center, TaBa offers installation from A to Z, user trainings, and technical support services. All you need to do is to decide of how many workers this call center will have and then give us a call. It will not take a long time for TaBa to implement it because of installation packets provided.

In today’s conditions, it is vital to store system backups in appropriate locations for organizations that have critical data and applications to ensure security of data under all circumstances and provide business continuance. In case of any natural disasters or fires, etc., disaster recovery scenarios should be created in order to maintain applications and prevent data loss, and design studies should be performed considering any possibilities that may occur. In case the corporate building and critical systems become unavailable or inaccessible, it is very important for an organization or company that the systems are reactivated via Disaster Recovery Center in the shortest time possible. Urgent requirements and data are considered when configuring Disaster Recovery Center. Necessary equipment and connection technologies are determined by this. Disaster Recovery Systems are formed based on the existing BT infrastructure of the organization and location of Disaster Recovery Center. Just as any designs and configurations regarding Disaster Recovery Center are very important, necessary testing for this center is highly important. TaBa conducts each stage of this process. In this way, all of your data will be safe with this service offered by TaBa. If your data is important then TaBa is the right address.

TaBa is capable of managing the whole process of a fully equipped hospital until any medical devices become operable. These devices include Angiography, Magnetic Resonance, Computed Tomography, Surgical Systems, Mobile C-Arm, Mammography, Molecular Imaging, Ultrasound, Urologic Systems, Imaging IT devices as well as supply, installation and technical services of all laboratory diagnostics.