Security Solutions

In today’s world, the threat risks for security involve a wide range of issues. Security measures are therefore of major importance both for individuals and corporations to carry out their activities on a secure ground in today’s conditions. Being aware of this importance, TaBa offers an approach to security services focusing not only on single point but also on any requirements for security. TaBa will help you avoid potential damages by eliminating possible security threats; creating safer areas; and utilizing experiences of our competent staff. We invite you to benefit from our competent technical team that follows technological developments day-to-day and has taken place in numerous projects. Please call us 24/7 for any requests regarding our solutions, or problems.

Closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) have become part of our daily life. TaBa closely follows technological developments in this field and helps controlling necessary areas as well as the most valuable current protection and management component by CCTV software systems, cameras, lenses, recorders, and monitors. The most favorable feature of a CCTV system is that the video is recorded in direct proportion to the time.

Thus, CCTV systems are used to;
• Catch the shop-lifters and monitor staff that may not be upright,
• Collect evidence for groundless incidents,
• Control any goods that are displayed in stores hundreds of kilometers away from each other.

Manufacturers, governments, hospitals, and universities use CCTV systems to identify visitors and workers; to monitor operating areas at risk; to protect from burglary or shoplifting; and to ensure security in buildings and parking areas. In parallel to technological developments, new facilities of use of CCTV systems also emerge. However, please note that CCTV systems do not provide protection alone. Users of the system should have knowledge of system capacity and be competent to use the system, and be able to immediately respond to images and incidents caught by the cameras. This is where TaBa steps in to install CCTV systems and supply necessary equipment for installation, and provide user trainings and technical support. TaBa provides solutions for the quickest image processing in line with the installed system and integrates into either existing system or the system to be installed.
Commonly used in military and civil areas for security purposes, thermal camera systems can be utilized almost any areas where thermal variations can be detected. Areas of use for thermal cameras are listed below:

• Controlling of external walls or roof insulation,
• Detection of air current/leak, or damp-related problematic locations,
• Building inspections,
• Preventive maintenance in all industrial applications.

The preventive maintenance is a scheduled maintenance that involves replacement of components, oil change, adjustment, control, etc. and is performed before any failures while the system is in operation. This type of maintenance is performed periodically. The preventive maintenance is intended to reduce the wear, abrasion, aging, corrosion, etc. resulting from operations; maximize reliability of the system; minimize the unscheduled maintenance thus reduce the total cost of maintenance. In addition to experience in this sector, TaBa constantly follows the innovations to successfully implement the optimum and expedient solution projects in any fields you might need.
Used in where access security is important, the face recognition systems have recently become common. TaBa creates database systems required to install and manage systems that compare faces. TaBa sets up systems that provide necessary permits and face-recognition devices that analyze certain parts of a human face and transmits to face-recognition program. The structure of a face is impossible to imitate as with finger prints. Because of this structure, a face recognition system offers a reliable and strong substructure to many automated systems focused on human pursuit and recognition.
Currently, X-Ray devices are widely used in order to constitute security. The area of use includes airports, harbors, business centers, shopping centers, military buildings, public organizations and bodies, interior searching of trucks and similar vehicles at borders, detection of foreign substances such as drugs and explosives, and any areas requiring security. In addition, X-Ray devices are used to search bags, suitcases, pockets of jackets for any hidden dangerous items such as firearms and metal instruments. Such items are easily displayed on the monitor by a special scanning system. X-ray and metal detectors are necessary to protect such areas and need correct and effective designing to technically support the units at all times. TaBa, regarding X-ray devices as an important filed of operation, produces X-ray solutions, whether fixed or portable, compatible with the project. TaBa also supplies portable X-ray devices and warrants to provide any technical supports required for planning and implementing stages of integration of fixed X-Ray devices.
Under Vehicle Imaging System is a security system designed to be used by military units where security requirements are high; public organizations; and access control points of private corporations considering security important. TaBa offers any type of services required by under vehicle inspection systems from designing to operating. These systems are important to record and interpret the data in an easier way. Under vehicle imaging system helps display any objects placed under a vehicle or any changes on the vehicle, and alarms automatically. It can be mounted on a security organization, either in mobile or permanent.
Remote controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are used in intelligence, terrorism, fire fighting as well as in difficult and dangerous tasks for combat aircrafts. Because the UAVs can be controlled via autonomous or ground station, heavy burdens from costly items and crews required to operate manned aircrafts are eliminated. UAVs are currently manufactured in many different shapes, sizes, configurations, and characters (Balloon, Helicopter, and Aircraft). TaBa offers solutions specific to needs and purpose (military, security, reconnaissance-surveillance, logistics-cargo, research-development, civil-commercial, etc.) TaBa provides UAV solutions and implements in the most accurate way. As in all fields of operation, TaBa provides user trainings and technical support for UAVs.
Non-lethal weapons or weapons using power less than lethality are the instruments required by military forces, security forces, private security companies, and penal institutions. Differently from weapons that permanently destroy targets by explosion, fragmentation and entry, non-lethal weapons have impacts on the targets and/or discriminatingly targeted objects at a relatively desirable or reparable level. Knockout electroshock devices also fall in this category. In this context, military forces and security forces are enabled, through such weapons, to proportionately, appropriately handle any conflicts or events within legal limitations as required. Such weapons include pistols, middle size machine guns, and electroshock devices. The latest technical improvements in such weapons allow security forces to achieve what they have not been able prevent certain events and scenarios using conventional weapons. The flexible ability of these weapons to handle problems without risking human life and secondary permanent damage experienced by people gives an impression that such weapons will be increasingly developed.
TaBa establishes technical infrastructure from taking off to landings of any air vehicles, and then to make them ready for a safe taking off again in an airport or a free zone. After landing of an air vehicle, the security system will be activated using sensors and cameras when an unauthorized person approximates to the aircraft greater than a predefined distance, and alarms you in advance to ensure security of your aircraft. TaBa sets up the whole system in software and hardware and provides user trainings and technical support.
Cities are complex structures where need for security becomes prominent, and inspection and control are difficult to ensure. Through experienced and component staff, TaBa develops Urban Security Management System (USMS) software to contribute to urban security and management. By creating smart cities with data obtained from such systems, TaBa implements projects to support urban management, improving the ability of easy management. In this scope, TaBa actively provides supply and installation of USMS cameras; maintenance of the system, and software support. Through the projects we implement, we are able to

• Monitor traffic flow and intensity, and quickly develop additional effective measures against potential adverse events by evaluating the images obtained.
• Retrospectively search and review the records of events happened, and contribute to collect legal evidence.
• Facilitate evaluation of stolen vehicles, etc. by inquiring the plate numbers from relative authorities by means of traffic cameras and image processing systems.
• Guide the field teams based on the data from Area Imaging and Recording System, and Command Control Center in case a hot pursuit is required by security forces for legal proceedings, snatching, burglary, etc.
• Prevent illegal incidents and provide applications to avoid groups being manipulated for provocation without damaging the relationship between the security forces and the public in meetings and protest march.
• Provide support to area imaging and recording system for damage assessment, research and save operations, assisting provincial administration in case of an earthquake and natural disasters. .
• Provide a simple and fast access to staff working in the news center to send/receive data from/to mobile teams and police department as well as send an alarm to mobile staff in case of a problem or important and urgent incidents.
This system, also known as door access control system, is an access control system that serves for controlling entry and exit, and has become highly important in today’s conditions. An access control system (entry-exit monitoring system) is now essential and indispensable because it is difficult to control business centers, organizations, and large buildings.

These systems are capable of both ensuring operational security and monitoring entering and exiting people, which can be applied in various areas from single-door to multiple doors, single-building to multiple buildings. Being aware of this importance, TaBa is able to make either a room or a building controllable by supplying and installing this system. This system can be used at any locations where entry & exit should limited, authorized, i.e., where entry & exit of unauthorized and unwanted should be restricted. Access Control Systems can be safely utilized in a large number of locations including our homes, or restricting entry to apartments or private units in companies. An Access Control System can be computer-based or independent from a computer (standalone), or includes a finger print lock, code, proximity card, and turnstile. All these are designed and implemented, both in software and hardware, by professional teams of TaBa.
TaBa designs automated barriers, and security devices used to obstruct the vehicle roads and control vehicle passage, and provide necessary substructure and installation. Automated barriers can be completely unmanned and stand-alone. The gates and barriers with a large number of access options can be easily integrated into RFID cards, key pads, and intercom systems by a professional team at the request.
TaBa meets any needs with the most effective and extensive projects from designing phase to installing and operating phase to control, with high security measures, prisons, government buildings, consulates, embassies, private corporate buildings, and other organizations at high risk for both staff and visitors. TaBa offers high security solutions using safety and quality-tested products to ensure the level of security against inside or outside risks to buildings which are important to protect. Below is the listed solution recommendation offered by TaBa using the state-of-the-art technology products: ;

• Surveillance,
• Access control systems,
• Early warning systems,
• Air surveillance devises,
• Being prepared for chemical and nuclear attacks,
• Security equipment and systems for intelligence security
The services offered by TaBa to ensure technical security of any outdoor meetings, demonstrations, or any indoor meetings include The services offered by TaBa to ensure technical security of any outdoor meetings, demonstrations, or any indoor meetings include • Assessing transmitted images to see whether they pose a threat risk by processing with image processing technologies, In this way, environmental security of both indoor and outdoor places is completely ensured. After installing such applications and making them fully operable, we provide user trainings and technical support.
Jammer is an electronic device that inhibits or halts the transmission of signals, which is commonly called ‘jammer’. It is often used to break a communication environment between a transmitter and a receiver. The area of use for jammers is listed below: • Inhibition of remote control devices • Inhibition or deactivation of remote controlled bombs • Use as an electronic shield placing outside the buildings (concealed interior communication) • Interference of military or civil radars (interference of communication of the other side in military environments) • Inhibition of microphones (by a device called “White Noise Generator”) Jammers can be used in a wide range of areas, and fall into three categories fixed, portable and on vehicle. A jammer is utilized where it is needed, particularly in today’s world where intelligence has become more important because of more frequent occurrence of terrorism. TaBa supplies jammers and provides training on how to use, and offers installation, operation and technical support of on vehicle jammers. It continues providing users with support for later stages. TaBa is the most active organization in this field by implementing various jammer projects, and generates specific solutions for companies or persons with experience of years and competent staff in the field. It also establishes rooms referred to as a “Dead Room”. The rooms are covered with a specific material so that the connection to outside environment is fully cut. The area of use for dead rooms is listed below: • Protection of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference)-sensitive devices and equipment, • Prevention of Phone-Hacking and Plagiarism, • High Frequency (HF) radiation protection, and in areas close to base stations, television and radio transmitters, • In areas close to aerial lines, and power distribution units, • In recording studios, • In schools, kid rooms, day nurseries, hotel rooms, hospital rooms, etc. • Electrical lines, data lines and ventilation units required for the rooms are set up under guarantee of TaBa. The customers are provided with a full technical support after completion of installation.
With awareness of security, TaBa adopts as a principle to share this awareness as well as its experience with relevant companies or persons. In this sense, it has become more of an issue because of rapid technological development of intelligence and remote monitoring systems which have become popular recently. Such wire-tapping poses a threat to data and operations of governments, private organizations and entities, and individuals in any areas where they carry on their social life. In this scope, TaBa offers services of advanced technological expertise services and equipment to search and find remote surveillance and wire-tapping micro devices. The competent staff of TaBa in the field searches and finds any bugging devices placed in any rooms or in an entire building without knowledge of people so that leaking information can be avoided. With recommended solutions, TaBa ensures such actions with uncertain intent and purpose are prevented and customers feel safe through immediate resistance.