Security and IT Consultancy

In today’s world, it is very important for private or public organizations and institutions to comply with technological developments. In this sense, almost all organizations have security deficits since they are unable to integrate necessary technological requirements which would suit their structure. Such deficits fall into three categories, systemic, software, and physical. Security deficits become more of an issue and pose a serious threat risk as technologies of today’s private companies, and public organizations and institutions improve and thus their systems grow. Being aware of such issues, TaBa constantly develops and offers consultancy services to any private companies, and public organizations and institutions through its dynamic consulting staff.

TaBa offers detailed trainings about counter-intelligence techniques to staff such as Security Managers in organizations, companies and similar entities where security is controlled firmly. TaBa trains any persons as required by your company based on the unique knowledge we have gained up to the present, and safely provides any counseling services with specialized staff in the field.
Cyber security involves tools, policies, security concepts, security warrants, guidelines, risk management approaches, activities, trainings, best practices, and technologies used in cyber environment to protect existence of organizations, companies and users. It includes existence of organizations, companies and users; their information processing equipment, staff, infrastructure, applications, services, telecommunication systems, and data transmitted and/or stored in cyber environment. TaBa enables your company to completely carry out all these activities. Under the roof of cyber counseling, it is intended to make right investments in cyber security by recognizing the security needs of an organization and installing systems that are able to predict any attacks. After outlining the consultancy services, TaBa’s professional team maps the corporate inventory and existence in the internet environment and then performs a penetration test. The outcomes of this test allow mapping the risk for cyber security of the organization and correctly manipulating required investments in security. So, the organization is enabled to take direct measures against cyber attacks and avoid any adverse impacts of unnecessary/irreversible costs on corporate budget. TaBa is the right address if you consider cyber security to be important.

CMMI, a perquisite of software tenders in all public and private sectors, has been included in essential quality polices of software companies. TaBa provides CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) counseling in collaboration with highly competent quality professionals in the field; revises any software processes from analysis stage to acceptance stage in your company as part of this model; offers trainings about necessary documentation and processes, and enables your company to obtain this certificate
Creating an environment of trust for confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information in organizations that are not only defined by their staff but also by their customers, business partners and shareholders plays a strategic and important role. Information security requires technologic solutions as well as setting up a strong security management system. ISO 27001 is a standard designed to create an effective information security management system. TaBa offers any consultancy services about information security required by your company; helps establishing necessary processes; provides trainings about documentation and internal inspections; and enables your company to obtain this certificate. If you wish to have this certificate TaBa is the right address that you can trust.
TaBa provides public organizations and institutions as well as private entities with staff support in software, hardware and quality based on experience of numerous projects gained over years and professional staff each specialized in the field. In today’s condition, it takes a considerable time and cost to find a professional in the field. You don’t need to consider how to find a professional in the field; TaBa will do it for you.
Locksmith Software Technologies presents information technologies consulting service that provides add-value to customers for their strategic projects. With the experiment obtained from previous successfully completed projects;
• Technical Supportk,
• Network Infrastructure,
• System set up / installation,
• Version upgrade,
• Specification of Hardware Configuration,
• Disaster Recovery Centre Design, Set up and Management,
• Training,
• Test,
• Application development,
• Know-how transfer,
• Project management issues are subject to consulting service.