Software Development

Locksmith Software Technologies presents service for whole or partial software development for the firms those in need of outer sources. In all the services that we present, our main goal is to provide our customers with competitive advantage. Our development process is timing based, its outputs are pre-defined and has an early defect detection mechanism level. A short description of the process and its levels are as follows:

Ana Aşamalar


At this level main software development phases and related activities in these phases are planned, software development and testing environments and resource planning are conducted. Planning activities are recorded by Software Development Plan.

Requirement Analysis

At this level requirement analysts elicit software requirements by analysing customer needs and develop it accordingly. During this process we come together with the customer frequently and we reflect their needs accurately on the project. Software requirements are recorded by Software Requirement Document.


At this level, on the basis of software requirements, software architecture and detailed design is done. Design is recorded by Software Design Document.


At this level, by the development team software code is developed according to software requirements and design. To improve the quality of the source code, it is developed according to the TaBa Coding Standard and unit tests are performed. Thus, it’s comprehensibility and maintainability is increased. Also user friendly interfaces (screen, page etc.) for the end product are designed by dedicated graphical designers.


At this level code is tested according to its requirements. Both functional tests and non-functional tests such as load test, performance test, and stress test are performed. These tests are recorded by Software Test Document.

Installation and Training

At this level software is installed at customer site and necessary trainings are provided for the customer.

Maintenance and Support

At this level potential defects are maintained and monthly progress reports are given to costumer.

Supporting Levels

Project Management

At this level project schedule is strictly followed by the project manager and project is conducted accordingly. Project management activities are recorded by Project Management Plan.

Quality Management

At this level, Project Quality Engineer guides project according to the standards, plans and TaBa compatible CMMI Level 3 processes. Quality activities are recorded by Quality Assurance Plan.

Configuration Management

At this level configuration items are defined, changes are managed and their statuses are tracked by the Project Configuration Management Specialist. Configuration Management activities are recorded by Configuration Management Plan.

All the outputs of these levels are subject to peer review. Thus possible defects are prevented. All the outputs are also reviewed by customer and their comments are taken. Customers’ feedbacks are taken into consideration at all levels of software development.

TaBa develops projects based on geographical information systems for organizations and private entities in line with the customer demands. GIS is a computer based system designed to analyze, process and map the existing objects and events in the world. GIS technology, by mapping, sorts out the information using databases and statistical analyses for querying purposes in favor of human. GIS describes the objects and events, estimates the consequences, and is significant in strategic planning. Owing to such features, Geographical Information System gets ahead of other information systems, and its importance and value, and the need for GIS is felt day by day thus its application become common. So, TaBa offers smart solutions together with its specialized team in GIS.
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an integrated management system that enables efficient use of resources such as manpower, machinery, and materials required for commodity and service production in enterprises. ERP applications were first used in 1990s to support production planning systems and has become a system that is capable of establishing an active communication with any value chains generated by the enterprises by evolving in time and going beyond an integrated application software by which only corporate operations were managed. We as TaBa say that “ERP projects are golden opportunities to companies that do not have a chance to regenerate against the changing world. Therefore, you should not consider ERP systems only software and overlook its strategic significance.” and invite you to TaBa for the optimum ERP solutions.
TaBa defines the architecture and work flows as required by your corporate structure and develops systems and application you need in a way to add value to your organization. Acting independent from any brands and platforms for all services, TaBa takes objective actions to offer ideal solutions tailored for you. It offers end-to-end solution for any demands and needs regarding integration of applications in different systems and application development in various platforms particularly J2EE and .NET. TaBa generates solutions for your needs at all stages fro m designing to support process in software projects suit your demands. After analysis stage, conceptual and visual design of your projects is performed by TaBa. Each interface of an application to be developed is created by your requests and needs. The advantages of the projects are described at the initial stage. Following technical designs and information security designs, sub-steps of coding are reflected on the development-intended versions published via internet. You can monitor your application development project implemented by a professional approach from start to end.
In addition to intranet, extranet and internet portal requirements of companies and corporations, it is both costly and time-consuming to effectively use corporate information pool. TaBa’S large software team highly experienced in a wide range of software platforms optimally analyzes the needs and works with business analysts and project managers experienced in offering companies optimum solutions as well as provides customers with required services in Portal projects together with its interactive agency. TaBa has demonstrated its leading position in the industry by implementing various projects for Department of Religious Affairs, Social Security Institution, and Ministry of Finance portals which are used the most commonly.
The companies have problems with interpreting and analyzing the data of enormous sizes which have been collected by a large number of devices over decades. Such companies need strong business intelligence solutions that are capable of meeting all reporting and analysis requirements as well as business-related requirements of Information Technologies in addition to their ability to self-serve. TaBa’S Business Intelligence solutions offer software, tools and trainings to meet this need and help you to establish trust between you and your customers with the aim of producing a higher income, business and greater market share during this process.
In today’s conditions, mobile technologies are a must for individuals and corporations. Quickly adapting itself to rapid technological developments, TaBa is capable of generating mobile solutions for your company. With IOS and Android application developers and designers specialized in the field, we are able to create user-friendly mobile solutions for you and provide operation trainings and technical support.